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Things You Should Know

Thing 1

Things have to be clean, not worn out, not stinky, not full of holes, and not covered in pet hair. Use good judgement – if it’s something you don’t want to own because you’re trying to get the smell out of your closet, we probably don’t want it either.

Thing 2

We want your unique, fun, and brand name items. If it’s something generic or off-brand it probably won’t be worth your time and energy to drive in and drop it off. Again, our goal is for you to make money. So, thanks for offering, but it’s just not for us.

Thing 3

If you consign an item, and it doesn’t sell in 60 days, you can stop by to pick it up or donate the item to our store – that’s when something great happens. Your donations will go to to those in need in our local community.